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We Offer a full spectrum of services

At our office, we strive to provide a wide range of services to provide an all-inclusive medical experience. Our goal is to limit the number of locations and places that our patients must go to get certain tests or procedures completed. We hope to make the medical experience as personal yet efficient as possible.

Same Day Appointments

Our patients can call and be scheduled to be seen the same day for any urgent matters.

In-House Bloodwork

Our experienced and well trained staff can draw your blood the same time as your appointment. It usually will only take about 1-2 days for results to come back.


We follow CDC guidelines for adult vaccinations based on your age and underlying medical conditions.


With the latest cutting-edge technology on hand, our office provides an array of office procedures ranging from EKGs to joint injections and many more.

Routine & Preventative Care

Prevention is key to keeping our patients healthy. We are aggressive in doing all necessary recommended health screenings for certain cancers such as colon and breast cancer, and we strive to do all necessary blood work/imaging/tests to ensure the best health of our patients.


With the advent of technology and the recent COVID 19 pandemic affecting patients' access to healthcare, we now have the ability to talk face to face through the phone and computer to ensure our patient's healthcare goes uninterrupted.

Patient Education

Our office strives to educate our patients and to help them understand their medical conditions as simply as possible. Medicine is a very complex language and it is important for us to empower our patients to help them be in charge of their health.

Behavioral Health Support & Services

We strive to provide our patients with all the tools possible to help them combat any mental illness such a depression, anxiety, or grief. We have a very strong support network in Orange County and can direct our patients to the appropriate resources.

Have a question about our services?

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